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At Blast Resource Group, we take pride in offering unparalleled specialty engineering services that stand at the forefront of innovation and safety. Our dedicated team of experts brings a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of complex engineering challenges. From blast-resistant design and analysis to protective solutions for critical infrastructure, we tailor our services to meet the unique needs of each project. With a commitment to cutting-edge technology and meticulous attention to detail, we ensure that structures are not only robust but also designed to withstand the most rigorous conditions. At BRG, we're not just engineering structures; we're forging a resilient and secure future. 


Our engineering team excels not only in delivering comprehensive technical risk assessments for security, including the effects of weapons and the consequences from improvised explosive devices (IEDs), but also in our ability to adeptly translate these complex challenges using engineering first-principles into actionable solutions. This showcases our expertise in recognizing and evaluating potential vulnerabilities across diverse systems and operations. With a profound comprehension of emerging threats and industry best practices, we possess the necessary tools to conduct meticulous evaluations that not only uncover conceivable risks, such as those related to weapons and IEDs, but also offer invaluable insights for educating and empowering our clients. Through harnessing our proficiency, we ensure that our clients gain a comprehensive awareness of the dangers they encounter, equipped with the knowledge required to make well-informed decisions in effectively safeguarding their operations.

  • Threat Vulnerability Risk Assessment (TVRA)

  • Blast Effects Analysis (BEA)

  • Structural Resiliency Studies (SRS)

  • Shelter-In-Place & Evacuation Studies

  • Occupant Vulnerability Modeling

  • Thermal Effects Analysis

  • High-Pressure Test Assessment

  • Multi-Hazard Mitigation Planning

  • Facility Siting Studies

  • Major Accident Hazard Studies

  • Consequence Analysis

  • Quantitative Risk

  • Dispersion/Explosion Modeling

  • Building Damage Assessments

  • Building Siting Evaluation

  • Occupant Vulnerability Analysis

  • Mitigation Plan Development


BRG not only excels in the realm of conducting comprehensive facility siting studies for fire, explosion, and toxic releases within petrochemical facilities while upholding the rigorous standards outlined by OSHA 1910.119, but also thrives through strategic collaborations and partnerships that amplify our capabilities. With an ingrained understanding of safety protocols and industry best practices, our adept team harmonizes technical expertise with cutting-edge modeling techniques, resulting in the identification of potential hazards, meticulous risk zone assessments, and prudent recommendations for mitigation measures. By synergizing our insights, we ensure that our clients' facilities are not only designed and positioned to adhere to safety standards, but also to minimize the inherent risks tied to fire, explosion, and toxic releases. This strategic approach not only cultivates safer environments for personnel and surrounding communities but also underscores our commitment to creating lasting safety solutions through cooperative endeavors.


Leveraging over two decades of subject matter expertise in critical infrastructure, our protective design services offer comprehensive and tailored solutions that effectively address a multitude of hazards. At the core of our approach is our in-house structural dynamics expertise and profound knowledge of how structures fail, which empowers us to provide unparalleled protection. Our specialization lies in fortifying essential facilities against an extensive range of threats. Drawing on our team's extensive experience, we craft customized performance-based designs that seamlessly amalgamate cutting-edge technologies, resilient architectural principles, and meticulous risk assessments. By placing resilience and adaptability at the forefront, we ensure that critical infrastructure not only weathers unexpected challenges but also remains operational. This commitment translates to enduring protection and imbues our clients with a profound sense of security and reassurance.

  • Blast Resistant Building Design – New Build

  • Blast Resistant Building Design – Retrofit

  • Blast Resistant Building Design – Mitigation Planning

  • Blast Design of Foundations and Anchors

  • Structural Retrofit Benefit Cost & Feasibility

  • Blast Resistant Modular Building (BRM) Analysis/Verification/Siting

  • Thermal-Structural Analysis & Design

  • Building Debris / Fragment Analysis & Design

  • Pressure Test Enclosure Analysis & Design

  • Blast Chamber Analysis & Design

  • Progressive Collapse Analysis & Design

  • Explosive Safety & Quantity Distance

  • Perimeter Protection & Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) Design

  • Forced-Entry & Ballistic Resistant (FEBR) Design

  • Anti-Terrorism & Force Protection (AT/FP) Assessment and Design

  • Window Vulnerability Studies

  • Analysis and Design of Blast Resistant Windows

  • Analysis and Design of Blast-Resistant Doors

  • Analysis and Design of Non-Structural Systems

  • Analysis and Design of Curtain Wall Systems


We specialize in comprehensive services encompassing glazing hazard assessment and advanced facade analysis and design, specifically tailored for mitigating the risks associated with explosive events. Our expert team combines cutting-edge technology with extensive expertise to evaluate the vulnerability of structures to blast impacts. Through detailed simulations and meticulous analysis, we identify potential weak points in facades and glazing systems, offering innovative design solutions that enhance structural integrity and minimize damage from explosive forces. With an unwavering commitment to safety and resilience, our services play a pivotal role in safeguarding buildings and occupants against the unpredictable challenges posed by explosive events.

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Our comprehensive range of services revolves around leveraging advanced numerical modeling, simulation techniques, and physics-based analysis to tackle intricate engineering challenges. By harnessing the power of computational tools, we empower businesses to unravel complex scenarios, predict system behavior, and optimize designs. Our adept team of experts collaborates closely with clients to craft tailored solutions that expedite problem-solving and decision-making processes. From fluid dynamics and structural integrity assessments to electromagnetic simulations, our services provide invaluable insights that enhance product performance, reduce costs, and expedite innovation across various industries.

  • Blast Load Prediction

  • Confined Explosion Modeling

  • Shock & Impact Modeling

  • Finite Element Analysis

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