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ABS Group partners with Blast Resource Group (BRG)

Blast Resource Group is excited to announce our partnership with ABS Group!

ABS' Extreme Loads and Structural Risk team are an integral part of BRG's blast-resistant design. Together, ABS and BRG can provide the Petrochemical, Oil, and Gas industries with economical and safe solutions for Blast-Resistant Metal Building Systems and blast-resistant building accessories.

"ABS Group has partnered with Blast Resource Group (BRG) to provide blast-resistant engineering design services for Pre Engineered Metal Buildings.

Our Extreme Loads and Structural Risk team based in San Antonio, TX, will support BRG and provide technical expertise drawing on decades of Finite Element Analysis, Computational Fluid Dynamics, and other protective design experience.

Learn more about how ABS Group has supported clients with blast-resistant pre-engineered metal buildings:"


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